Monday, June 05, 2006


What's Free?

So far, we've found only two completely free FSBO Web sites, and they're posted on the left of the page. On Mr Maven's FSBO Central, for a Web site to be "free" that means a FSBO lister can upload a listing without payment, and can't pay for anything to the site operators for other services. It's a tough standard, but it's ours. is reportedly contemplating asking certain real-estate listers to pay certain fees (some employers already pay fees to, so they may eventually come off the list on the left, depending on how any fees are assessed and administered. We invite operators of free FSBO sites to share their URLs with us.


A Mortgage Broker's FSBO Site positions itself as a free service, but if a FSBO seller wants to receive communications from a prospective buyer directly, or if the seller wants to add his own "customized description" of a property, there's a fee of $39. Otherwise, takes all calls from those interested in the properties on the site. The main purpose of this site seems to be to aggregate leads for a mortgage company. Mike Kortas, who is listed on as a mortgage officer, was reportedly a founder of 1st Metropolitan Mortgage . Earlier this year, Kortas spoke to other loan officers on " to attract FSBO clients and gain referrals from them" at the 1st Metro Conference 2006.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Where to Find FSBO "Listings"

-Craigslist is a free service, and is well known, given that it's present in most major markets. Unfortunately, its search interface is a bit clunky, and FSBOs are lumped in with realtor-posted listings. Search for "by owner" and you'll see a fair assortment of FSBOs, but there's no guarantee you'll see 'em all.

-FreeFSBOZone is finishing a pilot in the Tampa and central Florida area, and plans to roll out nationally soon. As the name implies, everything on this self-service site is free. There's no limit to the number of photos a user can add; some of the most attractive postings use video to good advantage.

-Nominally free, Virtual FSBO allows a listing and one photo for no charge. However, the site charges $5 for each additional picture, in sets of three, to a maximum of ten total per listing. The site works both sides of the street, as it offers a flat-fee MLS option, "for those who need to sell their property quickly."

-There doesn't seem to be much that's free on ForSaleByOwner, the FSBO site which seems to get the lion's share of media coverage. A seller could spend as much as $899 for a listing package, depending on the bells and whistles desired.

-10Realty sells its "premium" listing for $19.95; the service allows a limit of eight photos. For the technologically challenged, 10Realty will scan photos for $5 apiece.

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